Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Rae 1, Layton 0

Let's have some post-budget fun in bleak majority land! Let's compare the Rae and Layton reactions to the budget: "Opposition slams Tories’ ‘groundhog budget’." (Well, some of us look at this kind of thing in a fun way...)

Layton on the budget priorities:
“It’s not a budget that addresses the urgent needs of families right now for job creation. They’re pinning all their hopes on more tax cuts for banks but the evidence is very clear that we need much more proactive action to create jobs,” he told reporters in Ottawa.
Mmmm, sounds a little too focus-grouped to me. Key notes hit, yes, must mention "families" as if every Canadian belongs to a neat little two parent, multiple children unit. Not all of us do. "Tax cuts for banks," yes, bank hatorade, check mark for stereotypical NDP rhetoric that probably sells on main street these days. "Proactive action to create jobs," well, yes, but a little too vague. But I'm picky.

Rae on the budget priorities:
“This is a groundhog budget. It takes us back to where we were in March with a couple of very few changes. Same spirit of complacency. There’s a lot that’s left out here,” he told reporters.
“Basically what the government is saying is if you’re poor, your kid doesn’t get piano lessons. If you’re poor, your kid doesn’t get to go on an adventure or wilderness thing,” he said. “It’s not a document that’s intended for all Canadians. It’s just intended for a few Canadians and for people who have some money and for people who don’t have any money, you’re out of luck.”
Well, he did score a headline out of the groundhog day thing. That's primarily how he gets the big win in the blog post title. Secondly, that's not bad on the "your kid" thing. Not sure if he's presuming the old-fashioned nuclear family, see above. But at least it's done with a bit more edge, street lingo, if you will. Your kid doesn't get an "adventure or wilderness thing." Crazy. Poverty focus heartening and comes through.

Now, Layton on the Conservative mystery cuts targeted for 2014:
“I think the government on purpose is not telling Canadians what it’s going to cut because it knows it will be unpopular for doing so. I would have hoped we would have had more transparency,” he said. “Well, it looks like billions of dollars of cuts are being hidden away. So our job as the Official Opposition is going to be to root out what it is that the government is up to.”
Again, hits all the key notes. Not being transparent, correct. Job of opposition...well, yes.

Rae on the Conservative mystery cuts:
“I don’t think the government can come forward with a plan in 2011 and tell us that they’re going to get to a surplus in 2014 and not tell us how they’re going to do it. What, is it supposed to be a miracle? Is it the loaves and fishes? Like, how is this supposed to be done?”
Well, I do like that he leaves the onus on the government to disclose the plan. It's their job to tell us. A little funnier than Jack too. I like funny. Budgets are boring, let's face it.

But, this is inside the Queensway stuff, we all know. Still, it will be a game we'll all be playing in the next year and a half or so, whether we do it overtly, like above, or more impressionistically, the way a lot of voters will. May as well have some fun with it.

Blog post title to be updated for next year and a half at which time we should be in the hundreds. (Kidding!)