Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The results are in

While it's interesting to have a glance at an early sense from Canadians on how they're feeling about what they just elected federally, part of this Nanos poll seems utterly useless:
About one-third of survey respondents (32.3 per cent) said Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the most trustworthy leader, putting him ahead of Opposition Leader Jack Layton (29.4 per cent), Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae (8.4 per cent) and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (1.3 per cent).

Nearly four in 10 people considered Harper to be the most competent leader (38.5 per cent), when compared to Layton (24.1 per cent), Rae (10.4 per cent) and May (2.3 per cent).

When asked which leader had the best vision for Canada's future, 33.7 per cent of respondents picked Harper, who drew more support than Layton (28.4 per cent), Rae (8.5 per cent) and May (4.5 per cent).

The new Nanos poll marked the first time that Canadians were asked about Rae, who was only appointed as Liberal leader late last month.
Gee, I expected Rae to be knocking it out of the park on all counts. He's had almost a month to demonstrate his competence as a leader and lay out his vision for Canada's future after all...