Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday drive-by blogging

With thanks to pogge for the blog post title. Meant to describe shorter, list-style blog posts that raise issues in a glancing sense, not a violent one by any means!

1. The Russians really are coming. Proving once again how silly some of the rhetoric from Peter MacKay and his boss can be.

2. Some good news for those of us who are not so enamoured of the Harper government's black pen tendencies. The Federal Court dealt the government a blow this week: "Censors must not arbitrarily black out public documents, panel rules." "...the ruling stops short of saying ministers must explain why deletions were made. Rather it only requires that there be evidence that discretion was exercised; that there was a careful and appropriate consideration rather than arbitrary refusals to release information or the blacking out of embarrassing sections."

3. Worth a read, from the other day, Rick Salutin's piece: "The strange, and very political, death of hope." He's probably harder on Paul Martin than deserved, given Canada's relative strength in dealing with the fallout from the worldwide financial crisis. But there is a lesson there for Liberals. Equally applicable to other political parties as well.

4. Tom Flanagan's op-ed, "The emerging new Conservative coalition," is not a whole lot of new. The interchangeability of francophone nationalists for Ontario ethnics as a third pillar in this coalition does seem to beg the question about long-term stability. If we are looking for possible weaknesses.

5. Brigitte DePape opinion is everywhere. Pro. Con. Pro. Con. Pro. Con. I don't have much to add beyond my initial pro-take on the protest. I do believe the Arab Spring comments DePape made are being overplayed now as a metaphor, that she meant them in a Canadian context where we do have a democratic deficit in many uniquely Canadian ways. Also of note, of the top 15 "News & Politics" videos at YouTube at the moment, 5 are related to her protest.