Thursday, July 07, 2011

Checking in on the Wheat Board plebiscite

A Wheat Board commissioned poll shows support for the single desk system in advance of the plebiscite:
According to the CWB's 2011 producer survey, 59 per cent of prairie farmers support the monopoly requiring prairie wheat and barley farmers to market all grain for export or domestic consumption through the CWB. A year ago, support was 64 per cent. In 2009, it was 63 per cent and in 2008 it was 57 per cent.
59 percent has to be a smashingly stable majority by Canadian standards these days. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz reacted as expected, however, not interested in the news of the survey's results ("No expensive survey should ever trump the rights of those farmers who want to choose how they market their own grain.")

The plebiscite rolls on with the report indicating it will be done by around September 10th. Just in time for our extraordinarily democratic parliament to resume and welcome its result, whatever that may be.