Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cuts versus spending blitzes

Tony Clement commenting on today's Conservative spending blitz which included cash for an airport, a donut manufacturer and a pork plant among many announcements today and in coming days:
Treasury Board President Tony Clement said the blitz was fully in line with 
the government's belt-tightening measures. 

"Our review is about finding ways to spend less of taxpayers' money on
 government while preserving responsible, affordable, targeted investments
like these that create jobs and growth, spur local economies and help to
position communities for long term success," he said in a statement.

Uh huh. Except...James Moore didn't get the same memo Clement did, speaking of cuts to the CBC and the arts and how everybody has to do their part. No such economic considerations seem to apply over here:
"The CBC has to do its part. The idea that the CBC can't find five per cent efficiencies within the CBC to give back to the broader economic framework is silly," he said. "Of course the CBC will be part of this overall process."

He said his promise to maintain or raise CBC funding had been based on the 2008 election platform.

"Everybody, including the CBC, has to be part of the strategic review and find five per cent. All of this is dictated by the process going forward of the strategic review which is to look at the macro framework of the Canadian economy, going forward the next few quarters. And we'll see where we are next year, but everybody has got to be a part of it."
Everybody has got to be a part of it, just not according to Clement. Clement's point about maintaining targeted investments that create jobs and growth, spur local economies, etc.? Also very much applicable to the CBC according to a Deloitte study released last month which found "substantial positive impact on the economy — well above its spending power — because it supports jobs and businesses across Canada." Why squeeze the CBC then other than for political reasons?

And just how do they rationalize the search and rescue cuts when dollars are being blitzed to businesses?