Friday, July 15, 2011

Martin on Trudeau

This is likely to be one of the top reads today, Lawrence Martin's column on Justin Trudeau. The leadership rattlings are probably overdone and are, frankly, annoying to read at this point. Peddling leadership driven political games seems so useless right now and low on the list of priorities. New members, policies, repairing the brand, etc., all more important.

It is good to hear that Trudeau will be on the road selling the party. There's a real opportunity to do some outside of the box thinking, get creative over the next few years. If he's "ready to roll," I hope that's how the rolling goes. But, of course, no one person is going to save the Liberal party.

Otherwise, I liked the notes of humanity in the column. The brief angle on Trudeau going through a period of cynicism, the election's impact on him, his idealism.

Have a good Friday!