Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Discontent in Ontario Toryland

"Ouster of Sterling by Tories disgraceful: Eves."
“I don't care who hears this," said Eves. "The treatment that Norm got from his own party was not very polite, was not fair, it was not loyal, it was not compassionate and it was not very honest,” he said during an appreciation dinner for Sterling at the Canadian Golf and Country Club on Aug. 25.

The remarks received loud applause and cheers from the more than 200 people at the event, which included many high profile Tories.

The event featured a who’s who of the conservative party, including federal Tory MP John Baird and former Ontario premier Mike Harris.

Eves said Queen’s Park had lost a “great, great man” in not having Sterling run for re-election.

Sterling, who served as MPP for 34 years, lost a bitter nomination battle for the Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding at Scotiabank Place on March 31 to Ontario Landowners activist and farmer Jack MacLaren.

During the bitter nomination battle, Sterling received the backing of Baird and Harris, while MacLaren was endorsed by Conservative MPP Randy Hillier, another former member of the landowners’ association.

MacLaren won a tight race and was selected to run as the Tory candidate in Carleton-Mississippi Mills in the upcoming Oct. 6 provincial election.
Probably not what you want on the eve of an election campaign...