Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday drive-by blogging

1. Harper on the possibility of new stimulus spending, the first words from The Economist™ on the topic in light of the latest economic anxiety:
"Flexibility I think has been really key throughout the last two or three years, and we have to continue to respond appropriately to the changing economic circumstances," he said.

He said he doesn't foresee reverting back to the type of stimulus spending that he pushed through to weather recession in 2008 and 2009. That package, he said, "had to do with some very unique conditions that existed in late '08 and '09. A mere slowing of the economy would not replicate those conditions. But look, if we found ourselves with seriously changed circumstances, we would alter our policies accordingly."

Earlier this year, Mr. Harper sped up a pledge to balance Canada's budget—to fiscal year 2014-2015. In the interview, he said the government isn't changing course, and is moving ahead with modest spending cuts. But he said plans to balance the budget were always based on continued growth, including in government revenue.

"The goal remains to have the correct economic policy, not simply to balance the budget," he said.
But it will depend on what the meaning of "seriously changed circumstances" means...

2. DCam, over in the UK, a less skilled Tory political hack, had his government meet with social media companies yesterday to talk clampdown stuff in the wake of the riots: "In Britain, a Meeting on Limiting Social Media." Now that's the way to put an X on your back! Very popular stuff in modern, leading, western democracies! China reacts:
In China, The Global Times, a government-controlled newspaper, praised Mr. Cameron’s comments, writing that “the open discussion of containment of the Internet in Britain has given rise to a new opportunity for the whole world.”
With free speech friends like those...I think it's fair to say one is definitely on the wrong track.

3. More Harper, since he seems to have talked up a storm yesterday, this time on his governing philosophy:
"The government's position has always been that the government governs for everyone," Harper said during a media availability at a Yellowknife hospital, where he announced extended territorial health funding Thursday.

"The government provides a clear direction in what we know are troubled economic times around the world, and the government is prepared to adapt and listen to the Canadian population when necessary."
Must have missed all that adapting and listening over the past six years. Now let's see if such words will have a different meaning in majority times.

4. So here's a test for him: "Canadians oppose Internet spy law: Poll." Look forward to the governing for everyone thing on that little bit of news.

5. "Where’s Canada’s Warren Buffett?" Great question and very interesting tax figures there.

6. Finally, a photo for the day. Directions for Canadians when in Wales!


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