Saturday, August 20, 2011

Massive military cuts and hard sells

"Harper spins a new brand of patriotism."
The Liberals embraced the Charter, the flag, peacekeeping and multiculturalism. Now, the Harper Tories are pursuing symbols and areas ignored by the Grits – the Arctic, the military, national sports and especially the monarchy, according to senior Tories.
Yes. Relentlessly:

Meanwhile, there are more serious currents going on in military circles behind the carefully crafted public relations efforts by the government: "General’s report calls for dramatic cuts to bloated military staffing."
The key recommendations include:
- Redeploying or eliminating 3,500 regular forces personnel who currently hold jobs that serve little purpose;
- doing the same to 3,500 civil servants in the department;
- cutting the number of full-time reservists – many of whom man desks at headquarters – in half, to 4,500 and converting them to part-time service, while preserving and strengthening their ranks within communities;
- cutting 30 per cent from the $2.7-billion spent annually on contractors, consultants and services provided by the private sector
- consolidating departments that overlap and duplicate each other.
The changes are aimed at ending the “administrative incoherence ... stifling process, blurred authorities ... [and] reluctance at all levels to accept managerial risk” that Gen. Leslie maintains is hobbling the Canadian military’s efforts to meet its mandate of protecting Canada’s borders and working with allies overseas.
The changes would save the Canadian Forces an estimated $1-billion a year, the report concludes.
A General's report that offers up a billion in savings at a time when the government is seeking to cut? Sounds like something this government would have to look at. We'll see...