Monday, August 29, 2011

Ontario election notes this eve

A few things noticed in the news this evening that may be of interest...

1. Notable column on the NDP's environmental policies in Ontario: "Cohn: NDP losing its green allies."
Prominent environmentalists are denouncing the NDP and publicly defending the Liberal government’s activist agenda on green energy.
The party’s campaign platform has also made it a priority to lower gas prices by knocking 1 percentage point a year off the HST through 2016. The latter promise was the last straw for environmentalists, who had already put the NDP on probation.

In a stinging letter to Horwath, circulated to members of a green coalition, Environmental Defence executive director Rick Smith complained that her party had lost its way:

“Some of your existing policy positions are not in the best interest of environmental or human health protection,” Smith wrote last month.

“How can any party that claims to be concerned about global warming advocate de facto subsidies for buying oil and gas. This is absolutely the wrong direction.”

Significantly, Smith is a former chief of staff to the late federal NDP leader, Jack Layton, who made environmentalism a cornerstone of his campaigns in a way that Ontario New Democrats have not. The party’s former research director, Hugh Mackenzie, has also condemned its recent positions.

Dale Marshall, the Suzuki Foundation’s climate analyst, wrote that the NDP’s platform “appears to be just another case of politics over good policy.” Its founder, David Suzuki, recently endorsed the Liberal campaign, citing its green policies.
2. "Payer" says Rossi in his own brand of political speak:
“We have three levels of government in Canada, but we only have one payer and that payer wants those levels of government to deliver value for Ontario,” Rossi told supporters at his barbecue during a stump speech, alternating between English and Italian.
Usually "payers" like a variety of stores to shop in, to further the analogy. Some competition, if you will...I see Doug Ford was at his BBQ, he of the let's-close-TO-libraries-fame. An indicator of things to come from Rossi/Hudak et al...also, not a fan of the consumer terminology one bit, try citizens, Ontarians, etc. Much better than the odd word "payer."