Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thursday drive-by blogging

1. Wouldn't Andrea Horwath have more credibility in proposing conservation policies if her party platform didn't contain $2.8 billion in energy tax cuts on fossil fuels?

2. Robert Asselin's take on the Liberal party's future, worth a read.

3. Ed Miliband's fun and light summer reading list.

4. I think this is what ushered in our rainy Wednesday here in Toronto. There was a grave and arrogant disturbance in the force the prior evening.

5. Looks like the Chalk River reactor will also be privatized, if this Globe report is accurate. As the principal supplier of medical isotopes for Canada, that has medical significance. Not to mention the pure research that is done there that will affect scientists, depending on what happens with it. This seems to be on the table despite the government maintaining throughout the AECL privatization that the government would continue to oversee Chalk River. Nothing off the table anymore it appears and hopefully it will get a little more attention than the AECL privatization/fire sale.

6. Finally, this video which has been making the rounds, is kind of fun and to offset all the above! Crazy, dear New Yorkers: