Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toronto Danforth

Reviewing this item in the Globe, Taber's piece, "Liberals hope to paint Layton’s Toronto riding red again," it's not clear how much of the hype there on Liberals possibly taking back the riding is Taber's framing or Apps' quotes. Because Apps' quotes on their own are not necessarily the basis for the Taber headline. He does seem to minimize the NDP hold on that seat, however:
Mr. Apps, a Bay Street lawyer who knows the Toronto political landscape well, told The Globe Wednesday that Mr. Layton won the seat because of his “terrific municipal background and powerful personality.”

He added: “Jack actually won it on the strength of his personal reputation and charisma.”
It's good for a party president to be behind his party and putting the case in the best possible light for Liberals but I'm not sure this is how to do it. There's a question on whether it's smart politics to be talking about chances in that riding at all given present fresh circumstances. But if you must, think I'd go more along the lines of this is an NDP seat and we will give them a good challenge, paint yourself as the underdog rather than suggesting that Layton held it only due to personality. Ixnay on the expectations that Liberals always seem to set so high. It hasn't been a "Liberal seat" in a long time. Really, given present circumstances, it's going to be herculean to win back that seat. Why emphasizing a new process like an open primary style of nomination might be a better way to go, build some excitement that way. That alone could be a win.

But, Liberals in Toronto-Danforth might want to pin this quote from Brad Lavigne on their bulletin boards: “With respect, of all the hurdles we have to clear to form the next government of Canada, the Liberals in Toronto-Danforth is not one of them.” Kind of offsets some of the above.