Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ear to the ground

In the news, a few headlines from today and the last 24 hours or so...

"Euro zone crisis? It’s more like Armageddon."
It is now morphing into a banking crisis, one with the potential to plunge the European and global economies into a full-blown recession or worse. Even as the problems intensify by the day, as they have since 2008, there is no credible plan to save the euro zone from debt-induced destruction.
"Europe Lending Woes Deepen."

"World economy in danger zone: Zoellick."
World Bank President Robert Zoellick said on Wednesday the world had entered a new economic danger zone and Europe, Japan and the United States all needed to make hard decisions to avoid dragging down the global economy.
"French banks scramble to prove they're strong enough for debt crisis."

"Income inequality rising quickly in Canada."

"Scotiabank floats possibility of recession."

"Global uncertainty, European crisis fuel Canadian meltdown fears."


Tim Hudak, aspiring to be premier of the province with the largest economy in the country, is pledging a public sex-offender registry that the Ontario police chief says is not needed. [Update: Making the existing registry public is what the chief says is not needed.]

Carry on, Mr. Hudak...