Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hudak hypocrisy

Noted today:
The Liberals noted in a release that Hudak introduced proposed legislation in June 2010 titled Newcomers Employment Opportunities Act that included a 10 per cent wage subsidy for employers who hire skilled newcomers.

Despite that, Hudak doesn’t appear prepared to back off on what critics are calling divisive politics.
Hudak's own bill is here (h/t). That really should go a long way to undercutting his rhetoric.

What does it say about the character of a potential premier that he rails against a policy that is similar to one he was prepared to bring in himself? Particularly in the manner in which he is doing it. It's pure political opportunism by pandering to the worst kind of sentiment, us versus them.

This has brought on some more of that discontent in Ontario Toryland. Apparently John Tory is speaking out against Hudak's pandering today, good for him.