Friday, September 16, 2011

Hudak visits Toronto Star ed board

It's too bad that the Star only taped just under 3 minutes of the meeting they had with Tim Hudak. The Ottawa Citizen met with Dalton McGuinty the other day and their video shows the entire meeting, running just about an hour. So it would have been nice to see a longer video of Hudak with the Star's editorial board, to get more of a sense of the back and forth, his political sensibility, his range and depth of knowledge and his personality (we may yet get that chance with the Citizen, assuming they will be interviewing all the leaders).

Anyway, the 3 minutes is fairly revealing of his demeanour and what he has to say. You can detect a bit of defensiveness creeping in as he reacts to the questions and a change in his eye contact levels, even in this short space of time. It is only three questions that we see, after all, but it's worth a look.

Here's the Star's take on his visit with them: "Hudak comes up short on specifics."