Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nice platform if you can get it

Here's Brian Topp's latest blog post in the Globe: "Canada must ensure it tightens the right belts."

I'm sure his fellow leadership candidates, declared and as yet undeclared, love the fact that Topp has a national platform like this. Is there any limit on how much he can write via this blog position at the Globe? Maybe he'll write every few days. Even once a week can be enough to heighten visibility and influence in this valuable free media slot.

I guess I'm in the minority on this one. No one seems to be objecting to the fact that the NDP party president continued on with such a platform after having been elected to that position this summer. No other party presidents have regular gigs in a national media outlet. I would have thought the Globe might seek out another NDP voice to take his place once that happened. Giving a party president such a venue seemed off to me. Oh well. Wonder if it might become an issue now that he's a candidate.

Great gig for a leadership candidate! Congrats! I'm sure Tom Mulcair will be reading with great enthusiasm.