Saturday, October 29, 2011

The latest in Peter Puck Prime Minister

Oh look, a piece on hockey from Mr. Harper: "It was freedom versus repression." Well, it is Saturday and all, so let's indulge the sporty topic. A few things here!

First of all, not being a hockey connoisseur or really, much of a fan, I have to say, much of this still sounds pedestrian. This Prime Minister is supposed to be a super-fan and possess some kind of inside knowledge. What with that book supposedly coming. For years now. I mean, the stuff on Sidney Crosby is a widely shared perspective. Yes, everyone's furious, no one could imagine that happening to Gretzky back in the day and so on. None of it is original or the least bit interesting. The kicker is that someone saw fit to put all this in their book as a foreword. Amazing. Just read it. Again, am not much of a fan but I know enough to know that this is run of the mill stuff. If you're going to truly pose, man, ratchet it up. At least make the skeptics out here begrudge it a little more by sounding a little more interesting on your chosen pr topic.

Second, irony is lost on the man. For example, he writes:
My memory of that period is particularly sharp about things that were happening in the stands, things like the mugging of Alan Eagleson. It really became a proxy for war and that puts it on a completely different level.
For everyone alive at the time, it became more than just a game. It wasn't really about whether we were going to win at hockey. What it came down to was whether the system of a free people was going to triumph over the system of one that had no respect for individuals. Now, if you weren't alive then, that sounds almost bizarre. I was 13 years old at the time and obviously wasn't anywhere near as political in those days as I am now, but I was of that time. For someone who was right of centre, it was an event that reminded Canadians of why we were in the Cold War. It was a pretty important moment in history.

You didn't need a classroom to learn this history lesson. You could see it happening right before your eyes, the whole concept that because fans were too boisterous at a game they could be arrested for cheering too loud. We had our apologists trying to say that we weren't really that different - and then you see that.
Yes, imagine, "and then you see that." Some of us see things these days too that aren't exactly speaking to hallmarks of a free society. Ahem. Privacy breaches in the offing and you could go on about many aspects of the democratic deficit of Mr. Harper's government.

For someone who at a formative age apparently took in the '72 series and learned grand lessons about the competing political systems and how the hockey teams symbolized that competition, he certainly hasn't put those lessons into practice. Political posturer, heal thyself, and all that.