Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ritz protests too much

"Tories slams Canadian Wheat Board legal challenge." Methinks Ritz's language is quite animated, not conveying the confidence of a majority government. Maybe they're worried about the legal challenge. Or the public blow back that might be on its way. Good video at the link.

Here is the main statutory provision the Wheat Board is honing in on as the breach in question by Ritz in their judicial review application of his decision:
In this post-Charter era where constitutionalism and the rule of law underpin our system of government, you have to wonder about a government that flat out yanks away a right of consultation that has been bestowed by statute on a given group. The government has delegated those rights to a group of people. To change them fundamentally by stripping away the statute raises questions. Definitely worthy of a legal challenge.