Friday, October 21, 2011

Topp speaks

There's a CP report out this morning in which Joan Bryden interviews Brian Topp. Somewhat wide-ranging. Junkies will want to take a look.

He seems to have chosen tax issues to lead with out of the gate. Or, that's Bryden's choice of emphasis. Topp runs with what Armine Yalnizyan said about a week or so back, i.e., he would be for tax increases on the wealthy, among other tax hikes he'd favour. The thing is, this is probably safe, careful NDP territory. I can't see any of the other candidates disagreeing. But he is continuing to set the agenda.

Not going to go through the whole thing but a few other points...he's for the gun registry. Really doesn't matter much at this point that he'd encourage a whipped vote. Just doing a firming up of urban credentials thing I guess.

Also he is again playing coy about running in the Toronto-Danforth by-election that has to be called by Harper by February 26th: "Whether he'd run in Layton's vacant Toronto-Danforth riding depends on whether Harper calls a byelection before the leadership race is over." Over to you, Mr. Harper...