Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday drive-by blogging

1. Very serious Globe editorial. The tip-off is the use of the word "pukes" in the title.

2. Big news on the climate change front, covered in a good post at DeSmog Blog: "Australia Gets a Price on Carbon Despite Toxic Anti-Science Campaign." It really is shocking how ferocious the anti-carbon tax campaign became there. From the death threats that climate scientists endured to the item noted at the end of the post, the opposition leader making a "pledge in blood" to repeal it. Charming. Not sure any of our politicians would make a pledge in blood but who knows, we may yet evolve to that state.

3. Remember the UAE-Canada dispute that intermingled our base there, Camp Mirage, and UAE airline landing rights in Canada? Well, David Pugliese has an item based on new ATI material on how important the base and the relationship was to DND: "I found it interesting how those at NDHQ at the time downplayed the effect of having to leave Camp Mirage while documents released through ATI show just how serious and expensive an issue it was for taxpayers and the Canadian Forces."

4. "CBC News has learned that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former senior adviser, Bruce Carson, charged thousands of dollars in personal expenses to the federally funded think-tank he headed for just over two years." The Canada School of Energy and Environment is writing off about $15,000 as uncollectable. Remember when people used to get so exercised over a pack of gum? Quaint times. Much more at the link that shows how unsuitable this appointment was and how the school has been left in a state of disarray following Carson's departure. They've suspended programs and hired an interim director "with an urgent mandate to figure out what Carson was up to during his time there." This is an embarrassment for the University of Calgary who now seem to be taking the right steps to clean up the mess.

Note that there is $15 million in federal funding behind this school with the purpose of supporting clean energy research, yet: "...Carson effectively turned the school into a one-man advocacy centre to promote the Canadian oil industry in general, and the oilsands in particular, a role he had played through most of his time in the Prime Minister's Office. Documents obtained by CBC News, for instance, show Carson used the Calgary school to spearhead the creation of a six-year, multi-million-dollar series of energy exhibits in three of Canada's national museums. Environmental advocates have condemned the exhibits as a public relations road show for the oil sands."

Maybe the Auditor General should be looking at this one. At the very least, there should be a parliamentary inquiry but who knows given that it's majority land.

5. Tories take Newfoundland. Yukon party takes Yukon.

6. This is interesting. Of course it is, it's in Quebec. Can you come and make a documentary here too, Mr. Latulippe?

7. Finally, on the lighter side, this is fun and well done by the impersonator: