Thursday, November 03, 2011

Can't trust 'em

This story is on fire at the Globe site today: "Liberals storm out of House vote on unilingual Auditor-General." A lot of predictable comments there, irrelevant Liberals, the third party, etc. Whatever the boo bots will bring in typical inflammatory fashion. It is telling how much emotion and attention has been whipped up in reaction to the Liberal move today.

Seems that Mr. Harper didn't learn from failing to disclose the G8 funds for Clement's riding but instead couching them under a border infrastructure fund that no one would have looked at. It's a similar thing here. If there's a requirement in the job description that the Auditor General be bilingual, you expect the government to live up to the rules. Not that the opposition become soothsayers on what this government will do on any given issue. Although maybe they should consider consulting some, along with constitutional lawyers, just in case.

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