Monday, November 14, 2011

CBC takes the high road

Today the CBC turned over documents to the Commons ethics committee "under protest":
In a speech before the National Press Club Foundation, CBC President Hubert Lacroix confirmed what NDP House Leader Joe Comartin had already revealed to the House of Commons earlier today -- specifically, that, "after serious consideration," the corporation had decided to comply with the request and had delivered the documents to the committee -- albeit in one case, in a sealed envelope with the request that it not be opened until after the legal case has concluded -- along with a legal opinion penned by Guy Pratte and Barbara McIsaac that lays out some of the constitutional and jurisdictional concerns, and a cover letter highlighting the "serious misgivings" under which it has complied with the request.
Despite two legal opinions, then, the CBC has decided to nevertheless comply with the Del Mastro led committee request for the documents that are the subject of a court dispute between CBC and the information commissioner.

Meanwhile, the Speaker is going to be ruling on the ethics committee's work in response to a point of order raised in the House of Commons by Joe Comartin asking that the committee be ordered to suspend its CBC pursuit.

Looks like the CBC is giving the Del Mastro led Conservatives an honourable exit rather than ratcheting up constitutional tensions to unnecessary levels. Hopefully this will be resolved now.