Monday, November 21, 2011

He was a skater boy...

24 hours in the life of Tony Clement. Let's see how it shapes up these days. First, there's more bad news on the G8 file:
The Canadian Press came out with new revelations Monday detailing the $2-million spent to renovate Deerhurst Resort, the venue for the summit. This included $3,000 to raise a large chandelier and $1,600 to move a king-sized bed.
But it's no worry for Clement:
The Treasury Board President does not answer questions related to the G8. Rather, he sits in his seat while Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird stickhandles the issues. (Mr. Baird was infrastructure minister at the time of the summit and so was responsible for approving the spending.)
Nope, no questions answered there. What he will do, however, is a spiffy 15 minute webcast with a media outlet tomorrow. Smartly giving the appearance of accessibility via social media, which we know Clement loves, to counter the lack of responsiveness in the House of Commons. Good luck to the participants in their efforts to penetrate the expert talking points that will likely ensue, particularly on the G8!

Check in there tomorrow to ask your pesky questions and to see if anything newsworthy occurs.

Update: I should add that yes, Clement appeared before a parliamentary committee early this month. That was a one-timer. There remains no day-in-day-out responsiveness as should be the case in the House of Commons when a question is asked of a minister.