Friday, November 04, 2011

"I certainly make no allegations"

So, this happened today: "Veteran public servant quits in protest because new AG can't speak French."
A veteran of the federal public service has quit in protest because the country's new government watchdog can't speak French.

Former deputy minister Michel Dorais resigned from the committee that oversees the auditor general's office because the Conservatives chose a unilingual Anglophone for the top job.
"I sincerely find it difficult to continue to serve as an independent member of your audit committee while accepting that the incoming auditor general does not meet an essential requirement for the position."

The government sought candidates that could speak both English and French. "Proficiency in both official languages is essential," said a job notice posted in October 2010.
Minister of the Treasury Board, Tony Clement, reacted today by making a statement in the House of Commons:
Dorais donated $500 to former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in February 2009, a fact not lost on Treasury Board President Tony Clement, who tabled documents at the end of question period showing the donation.

"I certainly make no allegations of the partisan leanings of the individual," Clement said. "I simply find that the House should be informed of these facts."
No, he's not making any allegations, he's just helping out the nation on a national stage with this information. He's a veritable boy scout in his intentions.

I think 900ftJesus has summed it up well on why Clement's action is highly questionable. That Clement was...
...obviously trying to imply that Dorais only acted as he did because he secretly works for the Liberals.

That’s a very harmful and dangerous implication, and utterly ridiculous. It more than suggests that anyone who makes a donation to a party cannot make any decision or perform any action without those decisions or actions being partisan-driven.

It also sends a bullying message to people who donate to parties that should they cross the ruling party, they had better not donate to any other party or they could be publicly attacked.
That is a fair characterization of the impact of a Minister doing what Clement did today.