Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Late night astroturfing

This Topp team member should probably have been identified as such on Sun News' report from this evening. At the end of a report which featured David Akin interviewing Brian Topp on his tax plan, and following an interview with Mike Moffatt, Akin read off some comments received on Facebook. Among them, one Erin Sikora. But Sikora works on Team Topp and is explicitly identified as such on BrianTopp.ca. The point, she was represented to be just a random commenter when clearly she was not.

Screenshot of the comment from Erin Sikora on the video:

Screenshot of BrianTopp.ca:

Screenshot of tweet:

It doesn't appear that Akin was aware of her official status with the Topp campaign.

Heads up to the news departments of the nation...