Wednesday, November 09, 2011

They're not impressed in Peterborough

"No B for behaved" for Dean Del Mastro from the local Peterborough paper in the wake of his attack on Justin Trudeau's religious bona fides. They're embarrassed:
When we endorsed Dean Del Mastro in an editorial last spring, we did so with the explicit expectation that he would work for us as he does at home, collaborating and finding creative solutions for problems. We warned against the potential of him getting caught up in hard-line partisan games that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is so adept at playing.

"Rather than acting as Harper's messenger in the House or in the media, we would like to see our MP be guided more by his own personal ethics, which the party could use as it recovers from being found in contempt of Parliament," we wrote.

So, here's a reminder for MP Del Mastro. We expect better behaviour.

Dean has had some good wins lately. The train looks like it's back on track and the local manufacturers' association is creating jobs thanks to federal seed money. That's the type of news an MP should be generating. However, it is getting overshadowed by silly shenanigans that don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

These are rookie-like mistakes and this six-year MP should know better.

Mr. Del Mastro, watch what you say on Facebook or get rid of your account. Think of potential consequences before you jump to action.

Working so closely with Mr. Harper seems to be rubbing off on you and rubbing your constituents the wrong way. We prefer to see you on national TV as a coherent and responsible voice in your new role as parliamentary secretary to the prime minister and as our elected representative.

Please don't embarrass us again.
Are they watching his judge, jury and information commissioner act? It's bigger than the Facebook account and the Trudeau confrontation.

It's never too early to start organizing to unseat an MP like Del Mastro.

Thanks to a concerned citizen from Peterborough for the item.