Monday, December 12, 2011

New kid on the Bloc

Chantal Hébert had an interesting column yesterday. She raised the possibility of a future Quebec by-election scenario featuring new Bloc leader Daniel Paillé versus Brian "I'm a Quebec kid" Topp. Whoa. Which is why I won't be holding my breath. Not enough fun things happen in Canadian politics and that would be a fun one.

I agree with her analysis on the questionable strategy at play in Topp's decision to run in Quebec. Someone is going to have to step aside for him, barring any illness or retirements. Hébert is right that it won't be a cakewalk. Topp will be viewed as a Torontonian, IMHO. Not good! Anyway, he has a leadership to win and then seat considerations would follow, depending.

Now about this Paillé fella. He is an old school sovereignist. Not a good look in Quebec these days. Why I thought Maria Mourani might be an interesting and better choice for them. A young woman who is in Parliament and who had at least one interesting and possibly quite smart idea: "Mourani vows to distance Bloc from PQ if elected leader." Paillé's smarts may prove to be a force in any event. He did run circles around the Conservatives way back but times have clearly changed for the Bloc.