Monday, December 05, 2011

Opposition MP part of official delegation in Durban

Yep, Green Party MP Elizabeth May is an official delegate for Papua New Guinea. It's another bizarre moment on the world stage brought to you by the Harper government. It means that in addition to the Canadian government officials who have delegate status, May will also be able to access the major discussions, etc.

As the linked item mentions, apparently beyond the delegate accreditation issue, things are otherwise carrying on: "She was however welcomed by the Canadian delegation at the international conference centre and met with the government officials after arriving on site." It's the new Canadian normal that is not so normal at all.

Delegation accreditation should have happened for all opposition parties, of course, based on precedent. Precedent and the way Canada has typically conducted itself on the world stage, where we include the range of our political parties and viewpoints at such events as the mark of a supposedly mature democracy. Moving on...

In other news, also mentioned at the link, Peter Kent will be making an announcement today about our contribution to developing country funds for climate change adaptation. While clearly much more needs to be done, particularly by countries like Canada, some are saying that short-term goals like "creating the framework for helping developing countries actually meet their voluntary targets through better financing mechanisms, technology transfer arrangements, and programs to prevent deforestation" might be considered a "success."

So while on the world stage our government acts pettily on politics and intransigently on working toward a new binding agreement, at least there's that. Assuming we don't throw any wrenches into the works on it, that is.