Friday, December 02, 2011

Party like it's 1812

Can you feel the 1812 commemorative vibe, people? It's coming, get ready. A Conservative MP, Gord Brown, on his riding's 1812 re-enactment plans, somewhat lacking in specificity:
Here's a description of some of the plans, from his release:

The Lions Club of Gananoque will present a community commemoration of the first battle that took place in Gananoque on September 21, 1812. Activities will include historical re-enactments, music and theatre performances, and a heritage walk by local artists and historical heritage performers.

In addition to this celebration, the Lions Club has also undertaken the development of Joel Stone Park into an 1812 heritage park that will feature, among other elements, a bronze diorama representing the town as it was in 1812, an amphitheatre for small theatrical events, and the beginning of a one kilometre heritage trail.
A commemoration of the first battle, interesting. As noted later on in the pesky blog item, however, it may be more interesting than is let on by said Conservative MP:
The St. Lawrence War of 1812 Bicentennial Alliance website describes the event that actually happened at Gananoque this way:

An incursion of regulars and militia led by the Captain Forsyth of the 1st US Rifle regiment made an attack here (September 1812). A detachment of the 2nd Leeds militia, under Colonel Joel Stone, offered some resistance, but withdrew its force of two subalterns and about 40 soldiers. American forces seized the stores, burned the government depot, and withdrew.
A fine moment to re-enact. Look forward to the burning amidst the period costumes et al. Surely it will be toned down for the kids, think of the kids.

And whatevs. As long as $28 million can be sprinkled around Canada, commemorating war-like events, it's all good. I mean, what better to spend $28 million on anyway?