Thursday, December 22, 2011

Team Summerville update

Just a quick note here to highlight a positive development in relation to the upcoming Liberal biennial convention in Ottawa. Candidate for the National Policy Chair position, Paul Summerville, whom I am supporting, recently put forth a constitutional amendment proposal to the party to democratize a number of policy related elements in the party's constitution. These proposals were co-authored by party member Sheila Gervais.

Notably, items 12 (iii), (iv) and (v) of today's renewal document includes their proposals which will come before the convention for consideration:

The most important proposal being 12 (iii) which makes eminent sense in a democratic political organization. Encouraging member involvement in policy development should be an obvious goal and the removal of a leader's veto over the policy platform helps to remove a key item that has perhaps inhibited such participation.

Coincidentally, there is an op-ed in iPolitics today by Summerville and Gervais which provides a rationale for the proposals. A shorter rationale for removal of the leader's veto can be found here.

Such efforts indicate a willingness to identify obstacles to democratic renewal in the party and an ability to grapple with them head on by proposing solutions for the party to address. It's a key reason why I'm supporting Paul for Policy Chair.

Now it's up to members for their consideration of all of the proposals.