Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today in nickelling & diming

A news story tonight that will no doubt galvanize attention: "CBC’s 75th-birthday celebrations cost at least $6.6-million."

A news story earlier this month: "War of 1812 anniversary funding questioned." $28 million being spent on the 1812 celebrations.

So for those who are inclined to jump all over the CBC for the celebration of this milestone, that's some perspective on the issue. In proportion to the 1812 warfest, the CBC celebration costs seems like a bargoon to me.

The costs have been disclosed, it's open and accountable and entirely appropriate in this era. But it's important to see this beyond the dollar costs. CBC is part of our heritage and is a national institution that is an ongoing part of the Canadian identity. It's worth celebrating and supporting. We're not just a nation of bean counters, no matter how much many voices from the right would like us to be.