Friday, December 09, 2011

Toronto-Danforth goings on

The NDP candidates are lining up. There are two now, a former assistant to Jack Layton, Claire Prashaw, and as of today, an Osgoode Hall law professor, Craig Scott.

Not running, and really the big news of the day, is one Brian Topp:
NDP leadership hopeful Brian Topp has ruled out running in a byelection to fill the Toronto seat left vacant by Jack Layton's death.

Instead, Topp says he wants to run in Quebec, the province that delivered more than half the NDP's 103 seats last May and vaulted the party into official Opposition status for the first time in its history.

Topp, the presumed front-runner in the race to succeed Layton, had flirted with the idea of running in Toronto-Danforth, but the timing was always problematic.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper must call a byelection in the riding by Feb. 22, a month before New Democrats are to choose their new leader on Mar. 24.

Topp now says he wants to focus on the leadership contest until it's over.

After that, he says his strong preference is to look for an opportunity to run for a seat in Quebec, the province where he was born and cut his political teeth, although he now lives in Toronto.

Topp says he's chosen Quebec because maintaining the NDP's breakthrough in the province "is fundamental to defeating and replacing Mr. Harper in the next election."

Topp supports Craig Scott, a law professor and human rights activist, for the nomination in Layton's old riding.
I think this has come together nicely so that Topp doesn't have to run during the leadership. It does, however, make eminent sense for Topp to run in Toronto-Danforth. Topp lives in Parkdale-High Park, from what I understand. And since Nash is the MP from PHP, you'd think he'd want to run nearby, at least, not parachute in to another province where he will indeed be susceptible to the parachute argument. Guess someone has decided that they really need to concentrate on the leadership race a hundred percent at this point as front runner status-ish seems to have subsided.