Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Summerville endorsement

Well, I'm pushing it a little here. But there is an interesting endorsement of sorts for a constitutional amendment proposal co-authored by Paul Summerville, the removal of the leader's veto over policy, in the form of Andrew Coyne's positive citation of the proposal:
There are some exciting-looking proposals in this regard on the convention schedule: to base the party platform at election time on the policies approved by the members, rather than on the leader’s whims; to open all nominations to election, rather than giving incumbents a bye; to take away the leader’s power to appoint candidates.
This policy amendment proposal is one that could have a positive cultural effect within the party, to leaven the power structure in a way. To help ensure that the leader is in sync with the membership and vice versa when it comes to policy choices. 

It's a real sleeper renewal amendment (#7) that I hope people give some good consideration to - along with Summerville, of course, favoured candidate for National Policy Chair around here. If members are interested in having their participation in the policy process valued, this amendment will help achieve that. If members are interested in renewal, this amendment speaks to that. This is a way that Summerville has distinguished his campaign during this policy chair race, by anteing up on both of those issues.

P.S. Yes, this could be what it's like at the blog through the weekend! Conventions happen but every few years, please bear with us, the politically afflicted of the nation as we plow through another one. Could be some interesting experiments here at the blog this weekend, we shall see, depending on the hurly burly and how things shape up.