Monday, January 23, 2012

Clement's G8 hangover continues

A lot going on in this thorough Canadian Press story on the latest documents to be uncovered relating to the G8 spending in Tony Clement's riding of Muskoka. I'll just go with this excerpt as one that jumped out:
Mr. Dodds’ recollections also raise questions as to why Auditor General Sheila Fraser found no paper trail when she tried to determine how projects were selected. She was told no federal departments or agencies, other than Infrastructure Canada, were involved in the decision-making and could, therefore, provide no documentation.

The memo says FedNor compiled documentation on all 242 proposed projects, which it passed on to Infrastructure Canada.
How on earth does that happen, that the Auditor General finds no paper trail when indeed the paper trail is long. What is the penalty for that? Is the new Auditor General going to re-open this file?

Also appears that Tony Clement should, properly, be called back before that parliamentary committee to explain the discrepancies between what he testified and what the documents now show. What is said at parliamentary committees needs to matter and it should be pursued.

Questions, questions...that don't seem to be going away.