Monday, January 09, 2012

Team Summerville update: Great endorsement

This is a notable endorsement for Paul Summerville and certainly a heartfelt one from MP Carolyn Bennett:
It is an honour to be supporting the candidacy of Paul Summerville for National Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Paul was the NDP candidate in St. Paul's during the 2006 election. Throughout that very long campaign, Paul was truly impressive. His values and vision for Canada eerily reflected mine and those of Liberals. His eloquent blog throughout the campaign reflected with candour the challenges facing St.Paul's and Canada.

I was absolutely thrilled when in 2006 he chose to join the Liberal Party and fight with us to earn back the respect and trust of Canadians. Paul Summerville understands that Liberal policy must be relevant and responsive to the real needs and values of Canadians so that we can become the obvious alternative to the Harper government.

He understands that success will require meaningful processes which engage the expertise within the grassroots of the Liberal party and all Canadians who care about building a more prosperous, sustainable and fairer Canada that can once again can be the envy of the world.

Paul will bring a truly professional approach to overseeing the Liberal policy process.

With his leadership, I believe we will be able to develop a system in which members will know that they've been heard. We will be judged not only 'what' is Liberal policy but also 'how' we develop it in a fair and transparent way that takes people seriously. Paul Summerville is the genuine article !

I believe Paul Summerville has the skills, the experience and the plan that will make us all proud Liberals.

Carolyn Bennett M.D.,
M.P. St. Paul's
Liberal Critic for Aboriginal Affairs
Onwards to the convention, looking forward to it!