Thursday, February 02, 2012

About that death penalty issue that wasn't reopened yesterday... the Conservative Senator who mused about giving prisoners a rope in their cells to hang themselves. He later apologized.

The death penalty issue actually was reopened by the Conservatives, years ago. They have reversed a decades long Canadian policy of our government seeking clemency for Canadians abroad who face the death penalty. They seek clemency now only on a case by case basis and their application of their new standard is uneven.

This death penalty issue doesn't get that much attention. There's a mention in Lawrence Martin's column today. And social justice advocates keep a watchful eye on the government: "Canadians Continue to face Death Sentences Abroad - Is The Canadian Government Doing Enough?"

For a nation that does not support the death penalty domestically, our government's policy abroad runs disgracefully counter to our Canadian standards. It's not a stretch to say that they have reopened the debate. It's just kept far away from domestic viewing audiences.