Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A banner day in Ottawa

Yes, it was a banner day in Ottawa yesterday, replete with Hitler references from a Conservative MP and a Canadian minister of the crown telling Canadians that Canada will now act on information gained from torture. The video above is Rae, in the scrum after the Commons goings on, commenting on both developments and nailing both issues very well. Just a few points to add here on watching these Conservatives in action.

We know they're going to do away with the long gun registry. We well know it, opponents of this move. Canadians, who approve of the registry, also know that this is what they get - like bad medicine - as a result of the Harper majority. But why do the Conservatives have to carry out their agenda in the manner of uncouth embarrassing dolts? You watch them for years and think it couldn't get worse, but it does. You fruitlessly wonder if they could exhibit some sensitivity to the very point that they do not possess majority support on this issue. Yet clearly, it's too much to ask of them.

The leaders of the pack yesterday were in fine form. Larry Miller's abhorrent Hitler comments might have seen a storming out, had it occurred in France, as they did indeed do in their seat of government in response to similar comments yesterday. The Conservatives have Hitler on the brain in a bad way this week. Then there were Dean Del Mastro's silly, trivializing remarks arguing that a long gun registry is as excessive as having a "kitchen knife registry," to bring up the rear to colleague Miller's full frontal assault on civility.

There are a few thing about watching these specimens that occur to a person. There's the sad decline in humanity that you see unfolding before you. It's like a form of caveman politics is upon us. It's an alien, head shaking experience. Sure, it's not new and it's not just dawning on me. It's just the new low hitting home.

Then you wonder, don't these people have any kind of internal checking mechanism that would put the brakes on the Hitler references? Do they not have any sense that they represent us all and owe a duty to us all? That sense is missing. Basic, decent Canadian sense that has been present in all preceding governments, until now.

On torture, the world will take note of Canada's wretched, Toews ordered shift to permit the use of information gained from torture. Here's BBC on it: "Canada security services 'can use torture material'. With Harper planning on raising human rights issues with China this week, the torture directive news is so timely. What kind of moral authority does this add to the Prime Minister's cause? Nada.

High times in Harper's Canada. They're winning ugly, for now, but Canada is better than these puerile displays, that's for sure.