Friday, February 10, 2012

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal issue on the F-35

This morning I had a humorous item up on the F-35 brouhaha that occurred in the House of Commons yesterday. The superficial political excitement was focused on this statement from Conservative Julian Fantino:
Fantino said a recent report criticizing the purchase in the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal was "critical of everything that is holy and decent about the government's efforts" to equip the Canadian Forces.
In response to my post, I received an email from Professor David Carment who is the editor of the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal and who is, no doubt, a little flustered that one article in the journal, the Michael Byers' article, is getting the lion's share of the attention. So he wrote:
I see that many are writing about the CFPJ issue we released recently - I would encourage people to read all the articles or at least look at some of them before assuming the entire issue is slanted one way or another
In particular, he recommends the Paul Mitchell piece as particularly interesting and characterizes the journal issue on the F-35 this way: "all told its a balanced mix of pros and cons."

Fair enough. I'm sure interested persons in the file who have a serious substantive interest will read through the entire journal for the entire picture. Although I would say that garnering national media attention to a Canadian Foreign Policy Journal is nothing to sneeze at, no matter what the hook may be.

You can access the journal here.

Update: Conservatives still dragging their feet in withholding documents on the costs of their proposed F-35 purchase.