Monday, February 27, 2012

Despite feds, Canada 7th in creating green-tech firms

A surprise given the Harper government's not so green credentials:
Canada ranks high because of an entrepreneurial culture, relatively high patent activity and existing corporate activity in the green-tech sector. But the federal government’s reluctance to support the industry is a drawback, the report says. Indeed, Canada’s rank is a surprise, it says, because the country has “a poor reputation at a federal level for political leadership on climate change.”

Fortunately, said Josh Laughren, WWF Canada’s director of climate and energy, there are supportive provincial policies that help bolster the sector, including Ontario’s Green Energy Act, Nova Scotia’s subsidies for local renewable projects, and Quebec’s commitment to building an electric vehicle industry.
The way it is for the green economy in Canada, it's all about provincial support. This is good news yet it begs the question as to how much better Canada's green economy and jobs situation could be if the federal government were to devote support and resources to it alongside the provinces. For a federal government that claims to be all about the economy, it's a real opportunity that is being missed.