Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hilarious spin

Update (8:50 p.m.) below.

Well now, he is the omniscient one: "Harper sensed cyber outrage was looming."
Prime Minister Stephen Harper had already made the decision to kick a controversial cyber crime bill to committee even before Opposition howled because he sensed a public backlash was rolling his way, QMI Agency has learned.

Harper sent the bill to the public safety committee after his return from China on Sunday morning, but the decision was only made public Wednesday to quell Opposition anger and concerns among privacy watchdogs and backbench government MPs.

Though not unusual, it is rare for a piece of legislation to get punted from the floor of the House of Commons to committee before second reading.

Sources said Harper wanted the bill sent to committee to allow stakeholders to air their grievances in a more controlled forum and to give MPs a window to plug any loopholes through amendments and to satisfy public concerns about privacy.
You'll have to excuse me as I keel over in laughter...that's all this deserves. Looks like it's "save the furniture" time on this one, in terms of the government's credibility. Good luck with that! 

P.S. #TellVicEverything

Update (8:50 p.m.): If Harper had actually "sent the bill to the public safety committee after his return from China on Sunday morning," as Dunn writes, surely this fact would have been mentioned by Vic Toews at his press conference touting the bill. That would have saved the government from much of the backlash and widely successful internet protests of this week such as today's #TellVicEverything. This is further reason why the spin, as presented above, is not believable.