Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's not overlook Peter MacKay today

Must read post from Dave at Galloping Beaver: "Airshow" MacKay is now well over the line. On Peter MacKay's abuse of his position by asking military personnel to provide him with political ammunition against a member of the opposition who questioned MacKay's personal use of military assets. Dave, with military expertise, sets out what the military should have properly done in response to a MacKay request and what should happen now.

Favourite line from the internal military email train: "Great work by Sqn Ops staff on such short notice...just to give you a taste of life in Ottawa!! ;)" Wink! A taste of life in Ottawa military circles at the present moment seems to mean a little more than scrounging up info on the fly.

See also.

What say you, disciplinary forces within the RCAF? And Mr. Prime Minister?