Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Paging pro-choice Toronto-Danforth Libs

Thursday night is the Liberal nomination in your riding: 7 p.m. at Riverdale Collegiate Institute, 1094 Gerrard Street East.

If you had thought of skipping this one, read this and think again. The abortion issue has surfaced as an issue in this nomination contest.

Trifon Haitas, a candidate for the Liberal nomination who is being supported by an organization termed "Liberals for Life," says on the one hand that "he respects the Liberal party's position that the debate should not be reopened." His questionnaire for the Campaign Life Coalition, on the other hand, demonstrates not only how he will vote on reproductive choice issues but also the commitment he is making to "strive to introduce and pass laws to protect unborn children from the time of conception (fertilization) onward."

With the Harper government members making noise, repeatedly, on abortion, why would Liberals take a risk with a nominee whose position on abortion runs counter to the party's pro-choice stance?

Indeed, as Carolyn Bennett notes in the report:
She pointed out that Haitas's views are contrary to a priority resolution passed at last month's convention, reaffirming women's right to reproductive health services. The resolution noted many publicly funded health institutions refuse to perform abortions and urged the federal government to financially penalize provinces that fail to ensure access.
Liberals have just spoken on the issue. Our nominees and MPs should reflect that view. Please get out and vote for the pro-choice candidate in Toronto-Danforth, Grant Gordon. Who deserves consideration for many other reasons, by the way, including the innovative campaign he has run to date and which bodes well for an interesting Liberal renewal themed campaign in this by-election.