Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pierre Poutine to committee, please

Some of the latest developments this afternoon in the robocalls scandal...

There was a bit of a heated exchange between Bob Rae and Harper in the House of Commons today on the robocoon issue. Worth a look to get a sense of how Mr. Harper in particular is reacting. Quel chutzpah to repeatedly demand that Bob Rae apologize on the vikileaks matter when he did in fact do so yesterday. Graceless.

And the Conservatives, in furtherance of that instinct to never miss an opportunity for a pile-on, will do just that: "Vikileaks mastermind to be called before Commons committee." A very understated headline from the folks at Natty Post for you. Expert milkers, these Conservatives are.

"Elections Canada fingers phone of 'Pierre Poutine' in robocalls affair." It was "Pierre Poutine" of "Separatist Street" who was the named owner of the burner cell phone connected to calls in Guelph via RackNine in Edmonton. How anti-French can you get? Dawg has been on it, like cheese curds on fries.

Listen at the Star to a recorded voter obstruction message, replete with impersonation of Elections Canada.
“It does make me wonder what would have happened if my circumstances were different,” said Hudson, 35.

“If I was a single parent living further from the polls and operating on a tight time frame, for instance, this might quite realistically have meant the difference between voting and not voting, especially if I were heading to the polls for the first time. It’s creepy because electoral processes don’t work if these sorts of differences in information access exist.”
Creepy. Exactly, citizen of Guelph. Well said.