Monday, February 27, 2012

The right thing to do

Case closed:
Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae says one of his staffers was responsible for a series of anonymous Internet attacks aimed at Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

"I was advised yesterday that an employee of the Liberal research bureau in fact is responsible," the chagrined Liberal leader told the House of Commons.

"I want to offer to the minister my personal apology to him for the conduct of a member of my staff."

Rae says the offending staffer has resigned. Toews said he accepts the apology.
Could not agree more with this:
"One of the things that make public life difficult is when political attacks become personal," he said.

"I have tried in my political life to make it very clear that matters of personal and private conduct are not to be the subject of political attack or political reference.

"I want to say very clearly that we did not meet that standard with respect to the establishment of that site by a member of the Liberal research bureau. I want to apologize unreservedly."
Liberals shouldn't be about hateful, malicious personal politics. There's really nothing more to add, beyond the above. I think the C-30 debate has moved beyond this episode and has successfully focussed on the merits of the bill, exactly where the discussion should be.