Monday, February 20, 2012

So long, Cowboy - Updated

Update (Monday a.m.) below.

It looks like Cowboys for Social Responsibility is riding off into the sunset. Blasted, another good blogger leaves the Canadian political scene.

CSR was the go-to place for analysis on all things to do with the gun registry and, in the larger context, gun control issues, in recent years. Their blogging will be missed.

Thanks for all you did, pal!

Update (Monday a.m.): Received this nice email from a reader of CSR's blog:
Thank you for your recent post

I was dismayed when I read C4SR’s last post a few days ago and even more dismayed to see they had not allowed comments on their last post. (I wanted to thank them)

Glad that you used your blog to thank them.

Posted this for all the other bloggers out there too.