Monday, February 13, 2012

This day in history brought to you by the Harper Government™

Our obsessive Harper government would like to bring you this heritage moment: "Statement by the Honourable Joe Oliver, P.C., M.P., Commemorating the Historic Discovery of Crude Oil at Leduc #1." Read carefully. The title of their release might leave a casual observer with the impression that the Leduc well was the first oil discovery in Canada. The release goes on:
Today, we celebrate the 65th anniversary of a pivotal moment for Canada’s economy and future prosperity.

On February 13, 1947, the first major Canadian discovery of crude oil was made near Leduc, Alberta. With Imperial Oil’s Leduc #1 discovery, Canada’s modern oil industry was born. What followed was a surge in economic growth and jobs that continues today, with benefits felt across the country.

Canada’s oil industry has evolved greatly in the past 65 years. It has played a huge role in establishing our energy sector as a major engine of the country’s economy. Canada has emerged as a global energy superpower.
Our Government is proud to recognize the historic discovery of Leduc #1 65 years ago as an important part of our heritage.
It wasn't the first oil well. It was the first major discovery. Read this wiki item and you will learn that the first oil well in Canada was actually near Sarnia, Ontario, circa 1857. Nevertheless, the subtle impressions you will get from the release above and the various government sites will suggest otherwise.

And no, this isn't the biggest political story of the day, that's not the point. Little creeping inches of historical emphases will pile up, no doubt, in the years to come. We should take note of how our history is being written. And it is kind of fun to watch them at work.

Looking forward to many more interesting heritage moments to come, courtesy of the Harper government.