Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chart of the week

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Elections Canada was largely singled out for budgetary savings, among all the Agents of Parliament in the Harper/Flaherty budget. When it is in the midst of a 200 riding-wide investigation across the country to determine what happened with harassing and misleading phone calls that may have misdirected voters, with electoral consequences:
Mayrand was unable to provide specific details on the investigations out of concern for fairness and privacy, but he added a few new pieces of information:

-- 800 complaints being examined by the commissioner of Canada elections come from 10 provinces and one territory;

-- The complaints cover 200 ridings; and,

-- The commissioner opened 250 files, and several complaints can be lumped together in a single file.
Sleeper cut to the Auditor General in 2014-15 as well, just in time for 2015 election season.