Monday, March 05, 2012

Conservative MP blames Elections Canada

Today, straight out of the mouth of a Conservative MP: "Tory MP says Elections Canada to blame for robocalls."
"I suspect that at the end of the day, if Elections Canada has the resources to do a proper investigation, they'll find they're themselves significantly responsible," Saskatchewan MP Maurice Vellacott said in a statement.

"That tech issues with marrying (Elections Canada) lists to available, electronic phone lists is part of the problem, and in a few instances there may have been malfeasance by one party or the other."
"Hired live phoners or automated calling systems are only as good as the data provided to them. You know the saying, 'garbage in, garbage out."'
Or, you know, could be that the problem is moreso the "garbage out." As in, live callers and recorded messages impersonating Elections Canada, who do not make calls.

Harper's MPs have brazenly attacked Elections Canada's impartiality in the past. The contempt that the Harper Conservatives have shown for Elections Canada could be a factor that may have played a part in this cheating scandal developing. If the government sows contempt for such a foundational democratic institution, after all, it's not surprising that people who are watching might get bright ideas such as impersonating Elections Canada officials.

The Prime Minister should not be allowing any of his MPs to be sowing doubt about Elections Canada at a moment when his party is under investigation by that body.

It is particularly rich to see this line from a Conservative MP when we have reporting tonight that Elections Canada specifically told political parties not to advise voters on the location of polling stations. The Conservatives did so anyway. Garbage out, garbage out.

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