Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The day after Toronto-Danforth


OK, so it wasn't Seabiscuit after all. That's part of a campaign and trying to swing momentum your way toward the end. This was, as everyone recognized, a very tough riding for Liberals to come back in given the circumstances of the by-election and the result ultimately bore that out.

Liberals did improve the vote share so there's something to build on there, for sure. The increase in the vote share by about 10% is worth some consideration, particularly given the circumstances and where no other candidates grew in their percentages. Also notable, the difference in the raw vote counts, which narrowed.

Also to be built on, the Gordon campaign's values-based emphasis. There was a real effort here to do something different, to try to connect with voters in a different way that would have more resonance. To speak a little more to the heart than the head. It would have been interesting, for that reason, to see this race played out in a more typical electoral context where, say, both leading candidates had been nominated around the same time and of course without the surrounding emotional backdrop. It looks like the seeds of some success were sown, but in the circumstances, just could not fully bloom.

Congrats to all who ran and worked in the campaign for their candidate of choice.