Thursday, March 15, 2012

F-35 insanity: The movie reel

Is this a "tactical retreat" as the Globe very generously frames the Fantino backtrack on F-35s this week? Is Harper admitting he was wrong? It's hard to believe anything this government says on this file. Their approach has been heavy-handed throughout. From the first day of the ludicrously showy roll-out, the choice of the F-35 has been presented as an inevitability. They did extensive public relations efforts across the country. They presented the F-35 as imperative for the aerospace industry and attempted to use it as a political hammer in the Montreal area (so much so that the Bloc rolled over at one point). They bludgeoned critics, from Alan Williams to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, all of whom have been proven correct at every turn. Politics and p.r. have been the Conservatives' priorities.

After a very tough month, with unprecedented backlash over their plans for internet surveillance, when they are mired in the robocon investigations, as a budget approaches, they now shift and suggest they're getting religion on the F-35. We'll see. Their silly, hypocritical conduct throughout the course of this very serious purchase has left them with very little credibility. See delightful video above.